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In order to help create better games,
we encourage commitment, and give full support.

복지 배너


We support even the smallest details necessary for daily life,
so our workers can focus only on developing games.

  • Selective working hours

    We have implemented a Selective Working Hours system. As long as you complete your monthly working hours, you can adjust your daily working hours according to your needs.

  • In-house loan

    A maximum of 50 million-won will be provided for housing, marriage and repayment of student loans.

  • Holiday gifts

    We provide holiday points where you can purchase gifts and express gratitude to your beloved during Lunar New Year’s day and Thanksgiving.

  • Lunch and late night-dinners

    Lunch is provided for free, and when working overtime, dinner expenses are also provided.

  • Employee lounge

    There are massage chairs and lounge rooms so that you can relax freely during work.

Support 이미지


So that we can be together for a long time without getting tired, we support your physical, mental health

  • Medical Checkup

    We provide annual medical examination leave and medical checkups.

  • Injury insurance

    We guarantee accidents and diseases by providing subscriptions to accident insurance to you, your spouse, both your parents and children.

  • Psychological counseling

    We provide counseling through psychological experts, to support your mental health.

  • Refreshment leave

    On a 3-year basis, we provide vacations for refreshment of 10 to 20 days, as well as monetary support.

  • Resort support

    We provide resorts so that you can freely spend time with your family in a more elegant place.

Health 이미지


The growth of our members is the growth of Nexon Games.

  • Education

    We actively support education to improve our work skills for those who want to develop themselves.

  • In-house studies

    You can freely organize studies in-house, in fields such as language. We support textbooks and snacks.

  • In house club activity

    In order to support talent, passion and joy, we help establish clubs and pay monthly activity fees.

  • Welfare points

    We provide welfare points that can be used freely everywhere, such as self-development, hobbies and leisure activities.

  • NEXON Cash

    We support NEXON Cash so that you can play NEXON games freely.

Growth 이미지


We support family stability.

  • In-house daycare center

    We support the best childcare and creative educational services from children between the age of 1 to 5.

  • Pre-and-post-maternity leave wages

    We provide 100% wages up to 90 days before and after maternity leave (In case of multiple-fetus, 120 days)

  • Up to two years of parental leave

    You can use up to two years of parental leave. (Apart from the one-year legal parental leave, one more year of parental leave provided from the company.)

  • Happy Mom

    We support pregnant employees with a safe and healthy work life and provide an environment for smooth birth and return.

  • Mutual aid

    Funeral instructors and personnel/goods are provided for you and your family.

  • Family care leave

    If your family member has a serious disease and need outpatient treatment, or nursing care, a leave and support funds are provided.

  • Family event support

    In the event of congratulations and condolences of you and your family, we provide vacations, goods and condolence money.

Life 이미지